Resource center hald

  • Is a non-profit organization
  • Works for an active countryside by collaborating with existing local networks in the food system
  • Strengthens the ideology of local economy in the trade by collaborating with and bringing together actors in the field
  • Works for a sustainable food system with the principle from farm to fork
  • Believes in the power of the network

Why was hald founded?

  • Sustainability that can offer to the individual safe, clean, nutritious and sustainably produced food
  • Developing functional and profitable business models in the food system.
  • Improving the local economy

hald vision

The food system and the countryside need active actors who work toward

HALD is a regional player that works for a vibrant countryside by collaborating with existing regional networks in the food system. HALD acts by strengthening the concept of the local economy in the food system and securing the ideology among the various actors through active communication.

What does hald do?

  • HALD creates conditions for service and product innovations and
  • Creates cooperation between various actors in rural areas in the food system. HALD initiates, arranges and coordinates education and works to strengthen development in the food system, artisan food and gastronomy.
  • Arranges training for entrepreneurs and other active actors in the food system, artisan food and gastronomy.
  • Inspires entrepreneurs to collaborate in the food industry/gastronomy/artisan food.
  • HALD’s website functions as a physical, electronic and mental platform and gathering point (hub) for actors who are inspired by new thinking and want to collaborate for a sustainable business in the food industry.
  • Introduces and develops new business models that are suitable for the food industry and especially for small companies.
  • Contributes to strengthening/developing and informing/communicating all sales channels so that the customer can easily find locally produced food products and services (new).
  • We gratefully accept donations to run our association in many ways.